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Breaking down Apple's 2006 "Get a Mac" Campaign.

Brand Strategy: Breaking down Apple's "Get A Mac" Campaign | Purpose Framework: Education | #potentialforbetter


TBWAMedia Arts Lab, an advertising firm that has collaborated with Apple since 2006, devised the "Get a Mac" campaign. The agency was in charge of generating the creative concept for the campaign and executing it across a variety of channels, including TV, print, and online. The agency collaborated closely with Apple's marketing team to create a campaign that effectively communicated the benefits of Macs over PCs while also resonating with the target population. The "Get a Mac" campaign is largely regarded as one of the most successful advertising campaigns in recent history, and it contributed to Apple's reputation as a premium brand in the minds of customers.


Here's a breakdown of the campaign's strategy:

Clear positioning:

The campaign was based on a clear positioning strategy that aimed to differentiate Apple from its main competitor, Microsoft. Apple positioned its Macs as a superior alternative to PCs, highlighting the advantages of Macs in terms of reliability, ease of use, and design.

Creative execution:

The campaign featured a series of humorous ads that pitted a personification of a Mac against a personification of a PC. The Mac character was portrayed as young, cool, and hip, while the PC character was portrayed as old-fashioned, stuffy, and prone to crashing. The ads used humour to make the comparison between the two products more engaging and memorable.


The campaign was primarily aimed at younger, tech-savvy consumers who were more likely to be early adopters of new technologies. By positioning Macs as a more stylish and user-friendly option, Apple was able to appeal to this demographic and establish its brand as a premium alternative to PCs.


The campaign was consistent across all channels, including TV, print, and online. The creative execution and messaging were consistent across all channels, which helped to reinforce the brand's positioning and messaging.


The campaign aimed to create an emotional connection with viewers by using humor and exaggeration to highlight the benefits of Macs over PCs. By creating an emotional connection, Apple was able to establish a relationship with consumers that went beyond just the features of the product.

The "Get a Mac" campaign was a successful marketing strategy that helped to position Apple as a premium brand and establish its reputation for innovation and design. By using humour, emotion, and clear positioning, Apple was able to differentiate itself from its main competitor and build a strong brand image in the minds of consumers.


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